Mo is a character in The Laundry Files, her first appearence is in The Atrocity Archives. Her code name is Agent CANDID.

Agent CANDID routinely performs wetworks for The Laundry.

Erich Zahn ViolinEdit

Agent CANDID uses an Erich Zahn original violin, one of a double-handful fabricated in Weimar Germany, which is brandished by the sticker which read: THIS MACHINE KILLS DEMONS.

"Mo doesn't own her violin; she holds it in trust for The Laundry, and practices with it, and then operates it. It's bone-white because it's made from polished bones---human bones extracted from more than a dozen living donors without anesthesia in the predecessors of the medical laboratories at Birkenau and Belsen. It's a an Erich Zahn original, with Hilbert-space pickups, and it plays the music of the hyperspheres until the audience bleed from ears, eyes and other orifices. I've seen it steal souls and lay the walking dead to rest. I've seen it whip up a storm and blast lightning across the floor of a megalomaniac's floating fortress. It is not a suitable instrument for lullabies and nursery rhymes..."[1]

This is a obvious reference to "The Music of Erich Zann" by American author H. P. Lovecraft. "The Music of Erich Zann" tells the story of a university student encounters with Erich Zann. Zann who lives on the top floor and when alone at night, he has discovered melodies and rhythms of sound of an almost otherworldly nature. Zann plays these sounds to keep back unknown and unseen creatures from the old man's window, which is said to look out into a black abyss.

Her Erich Zahn violin was stolen breifly in The Fuller Memorandum [citation needed].

In The Annihilation Score, it's shown in her Laundry diary that she repeatedly cheats on her husband Bob Howard, not the least of which with her violins' manifestation - which she considers part of the position with the Laundry - and has potentially been impregnated by it or due to another affair as "dreamed by Bob in The Apocalypse Codex. Potentially the next head Auditor in "repayment" for her 'hard work'. Annihilation Score ends on something on a cliff-hanger.


References Edit

  1. The Rhesus Chart pg 157-158.

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